2016 Autumn Sale- 99.00 Helium Balloon bouquet

99-balloon-bouquetJaJaJa Party Shop is offering a new helium balloon bouquet for the returning old friends and new arriving friends, every year, people come and go,but you always can find the fantastic helium balloons in this shop at Shanghai.

This Bouquet includes:

  • 6 × 12″ latex balloons
  • 2 × 18″ foil baloons
  • 1 × balloon weight
  • All the balloons are helium filled and tied with ribbons
  • Many colors/themes for option, you can change any color to form an unique bouquet.
  • The cost was 123.00,  Now it’s 99.00CNY

If you want to order it:

  • Local Pick up: Biyun Road 158, Pudong (Recommended)
  • Delivery charges 120.00 for each time, within Shanghai.

Come to the party shop to choose and make this bouquet or contact me: Wechat/Phone: 13524893365



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