A funny video of popcorn machine

When I was wondering in internet, I found such a funny video about Chinese old style popcorn machine.

It almost disappeared in the Chinese big city like Shanghai, Beijing, but still can be found in many small cities. When I was a boy, the popcorn maker was the most popular guy for kids.  Every kids will run to home asap to get the rice, corn and a spoon of sugar, take them to the popcorn maker and wait there for the yummy snacks.

By the way, there is always a big strong bag connecting to the machine. all the hot popcorns will spray into the bag.  it looks old and crude, but actually very safe,  I never heard any accidents of this machine.

Note: I don’t have this old machine, haha ,but I have new style popcorn machine for rent, just like what you know in theater.

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