A huge water slide is coming soon

Since the old water slide was sold out latst summer, I have been looking for a new one for a long times. Now, many thanks for one of my freinds, we are going to provide a huge water silde and a pool in May. The slide is blue and white color, the ocean color, and  featured with 2 dolphin on the top, it looks like they are leaping out of the water.

The slide is 9m(L)×3.5m(W)×5m(H), almost 30ft(L)×11.5ft(W)×16.5ft(H).  The pool is 10m(L)×4m(W)×0.5m(H).

The climing ramp to top is steep,  so that it’s not fit little kids less than 7 years old.

We are working on it, going to offer it in this month.



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