Bunny?Eggs? Buy 2012 Easter party supplies in Shanghai

April 8th is Easter festival  2012. The big day is coming. Have you got the funny decorations for your Easter party?

Below we list some pictures of our Easter party supplies,  now even in China ,in shanghai ,you also can get the Easter eggs, bunny decorations, etc.

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JaJaJa party shop  collected some  party ideas regarding Easter celebration: –
  • To commemorate the special event of Easter, especially in Shanghai, candles are lit in churches and homes, mark the Resurrection of the Christ, three days after his crucifixion. Since lighted candles are symbolic of life and the “eternal light”, people celebrate this day by lighting a special kind of candle known as the Paschal candle or Christ candle.
  • This day, you should get up early, people dressed up in their special Easter outfits go to the church and offer prayers.
  • Since Easter falls right after the Spring Equinox, the decor is usually a fusion of Easter symbols and spring greens and blooms. JaJaJa Party shop offer many green staff and Easter eggs, bunny ears, etc. The interiors and fences are embellished with Easter trees, colorful egg baskets, paper steamers and beautiful lilies to add a dash of spring elegance to the celebration.
  • Easter bunnies, rabbit,  make a place for themselves in splendid Easter baskets, bunny garlands, Easter trees and displays.
  • Special Easter delicacies are prepared to mark this special day. Easter lamb occupies a commanding position on the dining table and so does other traditional delicacies like ham, eggs, chicken, chocolate, potatoes and more.
  • At certain places, carnivals take place, where parade forms the major spectacle. In these parades, people wearing special costumes can be spotted. Mardi Gras parade held in North America is quite famous.
  • We always do some special thing on the special day, even if it looks silly. As a part of the Easter customs, Easter egg painting competitions are held. Beautifully ornamented Easter eggs are stocked in the gift galleries. In addition, Easter eggs sail smoothly in the yummy Easter menu. Easter egg hunt is one of favorite kids’ fun time activities.
  • There is a trend of having bonfire arrangement on the Easter eve in Europe.
  • As a part of special Easter Sunday feast, people eat hot cross buns and kids enjoy their jellybeans.

And these Easter crafts for kids:

Easter Craft Ideas For Kids
  • Children love to paint and enjoy doodling with colors. If your child is one of them, you can ask him/her to start painting Easter eggs with edible paint in different patterns. This will help them explore their creative side and is great creative task for children who are aged between two to four.
  • Painting at times could be messy and if this is not what you prefer, then you could try making Easter bunny masks instead. Making masks is a fun activity that every kid would enjoy. Making bunny mask is simple and involves a little bit of cutting, coloring and gluing. Even if your kid is not interested in wearing these masks, you can always use them as a part of your Easter decorations.
  • We all know that Easter lily stands for purity and hope. Your Easter decoration is incomplete without lilies. Ask your kid to make handcrafted lilies to deck up your home. With a few basic crafts items, Easter lilies can be easily made at home.
  • Bored of the same old flower baskets and bouquets. How about trying to make an Easter wreath this is certainly different from the more common craft works done by children. Besides, Easter wreaths can make for great gifts to teachers, grandparents and loved ones.
  • This is a craftwork that most mothers would love. Fruit bunnies are healthy sweet treats that most children love to make and relish them too. You could decorate your fruit bunnies by using jellybeans or other confectioneries just to make them look all the more attractive and appealing to the taste buds.
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