What are the most fun gender reveals? This is an eye-catching item of the gender reveal party, a huge, opaque, balloon printed “boy or girl”headline against a black background , decorated with 2m tassels. The tassels are baby pink and blue as well as the confetti, but the difference is  you should choose which color of the confetti to fill into the balloon before blow up it. Nobody knows the gender of new baby until the new mom and dad reveal it by pricking of the balloon.

This set includes:

36inches latex balloon × 1pcs

baby pink tassels × 3pcs

baby blue tassles × 3pcs

baby pink confetti ×20g

baby blue confetti ×20g

string and ribbon

Inflating with helium can make it float in air. If the balloon is blow up with air, it needs glue tape to make it stick on somewhere.

A video show you how to connect the tassels