The big bubble machine

More bubbles, more fun.

We have got a new bubble machine for rent.

Product Description: Model: LIKE-300,  Voltage:AC220V    Frequency:50-60Hz    Power Consumption:100W 

20 meters remote and manual dual-use, simple operation, lightweight and easy to carry, rising by a large blower and fan principle, with our good quality bubble liquid, blowing bubbles high and dense, it is the best macine for the birthday party, wedding company / celebration ceremony of the necessary equipment.

The rent is 150.00 per day, not includes the bubble liquid and delivery. Deposit it 560.00. If you are in Shanghai, please come to my shop to pick up it.

Please remember to clean it after use. Don’t  fill the water into the machine,  that will damage it. And never let kids put their finger into the machine.


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