Notice: Biyun Shop is closing

As the owner of JaJaJa Party shop, I am sorry to let you know that the shop is going to be closed at the end of April, 2020.
Since 2009, this small shop has served and made so many friends that it has became a part of unforgettable memories. But due to the Corona virus and the harder and harder economical situation, we can’t hold on any longer.
For now, everything in shop is 90% off, till all things are sold out or 30th April,2020.

Please note:

We still produce the party products for online business based on our own 2000sqm factories, office,and a fully functioning team. Acturally our 2020 new catalog of party products is just updated. This small shop is closed for the temporary difficult, We will re-open this shop in Shanghai if someday people are happy to gather for party again.

We will survive and get stronger in future.

Contact: Nicole Wu

Shop Owner: Yang Zhen hua

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