Balloon twisitng Clown

Everybody loves a clown!  Perfect for birthday parties, clowns are fun and entertaining and will bring everyone together. These kid-favorites bring more to the table than a funny face. Most clowns offer balloon twisting, play games with kids,  or even a little bit of magic. Your kids will be screaming for joy when these fun folks show up to entertain their party. So let the clown keep the kids occupied while you sit back and take a much needed  break!

  • How

    A show of balloon twisting clown is about 2 hours. He plays games with kids, makes balloons twisting animals, flowers, or more funny things for them. Each kids will go home with a balloon modelling souvenir.

  • How much

    Hiring a clown for your kid’s birthday party costs 900.00. For business events or longer working time, we discuss it according to the case.

  • Guarantee

    You also get our Money Back Guarantee! If the show is not an overwhelming success, don’t pay!

  • The magician is a Chinese, he speaks necessary English to help his performance. Don’t worry about the language, it’s not a problem.

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