Shanghai JaJaJa Party offers the Face painting service for your kid’s birthday party or every event.
Face painting is one of the most popular activities, and it’s not only for children! Whatever the event, large or small, from children’s parties to family entertainment and corporate events. Face painting is creative fun for all ages. We offer a wide range of designs from beautiful butterflies,  fairy princesses to roaring tigers, super heroes and cheeky dogs, and glitter tattoos, face gems.

For corporate event. branding your logo on faces and arms is a great way to promote your company. With our unique stencil making facilities every child and Adult can walk away with YOUR logo on their cheek and can be done in seconds. Draw attention to your business and create a family atmosphere in no time at all!  Happy faces all round.

We only use the good quality and safe  paints,  all paints are water based and can be removed with water ,soap or wet wipes.

  • How much

    CNY900.00 for 2 hours.
    CNY700.00 for 1  hour.
    No more hidden fee.

  • How to order

    Please book a face painter at least 1 day in advance before your party.
    Call or Wechat me: 13524893365
    Or send a message with the form on this page.
    Or come to the real shop.

  • How many works she can paint?

    Our artists paint approximately 8-15 guests per hour depending on the design selected and age of participants. (Recommended age: 2 yrs and older.)

Some children have very sensitive skin. When it’s necessary, the painter will carry out a patch test or paint a small design on the child’s hand to be on the safe side. Please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with us before hand.
Not ALL children like their faces painted so we will ask if the child would like their hand, arm or leg painted instead.
We will use a baby wipe to clean any dirt or food from the child’s face before painting.We change the brush water frequently.
Please tell your kids do not touch/eat/play with the paints or equipment.
The facepainting can last at least 4 hours, but because it’s water based paint so that will be massed by sweating or rain. (If we use the “seal spray” then it will be very hard to clean up.)
Maybe the painter can not give you the best artistic designs if there are more children than expected.. time is of the essence!

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