Fog Machine T-400 with Remote(400W)

Rental/rent price: 100.00RMB/day
Sales price : 390.00RMB
Fog liquid(Fog  juice): 120.00/4.5kg
The delivery is not included.

This Fog Machine creates instant “atmosphere” for Halloween parties, haunted houses, dances, and more. 400 watt Fog Machine produces thick fog almost instantly and is controlled by a remote with a 6ft cord. Fog Machine has a safety shutoff to prevent overheating and holds up to 1 liter of Fog Juice (sold separately). Use Fog Machine indoors only, please. Not for use of more than 8 consecutive hours.

The big bubble machine

Big bubble machine

It’s a big bubble machine, more power and Remote control.
Rental/rent price: 150.00RMB/day  (300.00 for deposit, bubble juice is not included)
Sales price : 560.00RMB
Bubble liquid(bubble  juice): 30.00/500ml (small bottle)
The delivery is not included.

Power:300W , AC220V,50HZ
Manual control or Remote control.
The range of Remote: 20meter

LED Disco / Stage rotating strobe globe light – sound sensitive

Rental/rent price: 200.00RMB/day  (700.00 for deposit)
Sales price : 690.00RMB
The delivery is not included.

LED red,blue,green color light. diameter is 30cm. Rotating with a constant speed.
Three working mode:
a. keeping light on
b. keeping light off, but strobe flash according to the sound.
c. keeping light on, but strobe flash according to the sound.
The sensitivity of sound is adjustable.     Working voltage: 220V.  30w.

4Layer Chocolate fountain

fountainRental/rent price: 150.00RMB/day  (1000.00 for deposit)
The delivery is not included.

Capacity: 2kg chocolate
Diameter: 33cm

One button is for heating, another one is for lifting the melting chocolate to top.

Popcorn machine (8oz)
Rental/Rent Price:400.00RMB/day(1000.00RMB for deposit)
Sales Price:1290.00RMB
This price includes 30pcs paper cups.
Delivery is not included.

If you don’t have popcorn metarials, we can purchase it for you.  RMB11.00 for each pack, including the corns,suger and coconut oilcorn. One pack makes one pot of popcorns, equals about 2-3 full  big cups.
Notice: Please read the instruction carefully Before use. The machine is very easy to use, but it still can be damaged in case it’s used in a wrong way.

Please clean it after use as soon as possible, or it will be very hard to clean.

A operation guide videoes  for reference.

Popcorn machine