Paypal Payment

We add Paypal payment.So you can pay by paybal and credit card . And USD is also okey for the payment.

Usually we only accept the CNY because we are a Chinese shop. But more and more customers come from all over the world so that we have to figure out a way to solve payment problem.

Paypal charges 4.4% +0.3USD for each order. Which means if there is an order of 100USD is paid by paypal, it charges 4.7USD from the seller, only 95.3USD will transfer into the seller’s account. And when we withdraw it ,we will pay extra 35.00USD each time. And not to mention the lost of the exange rate.  Acturally, most of orders are much less then 100USD,  we can’t let our customer to afford this cost, so that we have to swallow it by ourselves.

Anyway, it’s a good news to customers. People can send a gift or a bunch of balloons to their friends in China and pay the bill with paypal now, easy and quick.

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