Butterfly bouncy castle

This small jumping castle is perfect for little kids.  It can be put in your living room or basement, no matter it’s raining or winding, your baby still have fun in it. It’s made of nylon fabric, about 20kg in weight. One man can carry and setup it easily.

Size: 2.93meter ×2.4meter ×2.55meter(h)

Size: 9.6ft ×7.87ft ×8.2ft(h)

Fits 12months-6 years old kids, maximum capacity 4 persons.

Rent: 800.00/4hours

If you pick up and return it by yourself, the cost will be only 500.00 per day.

Workers will take it to your address about 30mins in advance and then set up it.  After 4 hours they will come back to un-set up it and get full paid.

Please be aware that you should keep an eye on the kids for safety by yourself.

Please make sure these points:

  • The boucny castle requires some additional space for extra access and for the asset to be safely pegged into the ground. An extra 3ft is essential in width and in length, as well as a further 0.5ft in height.
  • The access to there should be wide enough, not too far from the parking lot, not steep slope or rough road.
  • No  tree branches, no wires come across this place, the ground should be  flat and firm, not slope.
  • It is strongly recommended that the jumpking castle should not be used in high winds or wet conditions.
  • A electric power within 20 meters,  Power:  220V, 10A.

Cancel before the delivery, NO charge.
Cancel after delivery but before set up, charge 500.00
Cancel after the facility has been set up,  full charge.
Please double confirm the power, weather, the place of party venue is enough for the bouncy castle facility, and you have the full right to use the place. If the order has to be cancelled because these reasons after set up, we will still charge full price.

We prefer to have payment in cash with CNY.   USD is also acceptable, but an extra transaction fee will occur. (10 dollors.)

Wechat wallet, Alipay, Bank transfer, Check is all good.

NO adult should use any bouncy castles.
Always ensure the equipment is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and size of people using it. Always avoid a mix of large and small children at the same time.
DO NOT allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step.Climbing, hanging or sitting on side walls is DANGEROUS and MUST NOT be allowed.
Ensure that no person with a history of Heart, Neck or Back Problems, High Blood Pressure, Joint or Bone weakness or any person with a history of known medical disabilities are allowed to use the equipment. Also any person who feels unwell should be removed immediately.
ALL shoes, glasses, jewellery and badges MUST be removed before using the equipment.
NO face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers, silly string, food, drink, sweets, chewing gum, pets, toys, barbeques, smoking, shoes or sharp objects are to be allowed on or near the bouncy castles. This will avoid both choking hazards and potential soiling of the unit.
Children should not be pushing, colliding, fighting, attempting somersaults, wrestling, running or behaving in a manner likely to cause injury, damage or distress to others or the equipment.
DO NOT allow anyone to be on the inflatable during inflation or deflation as this could damage both the equipment and injure the user
It is strongly recommended that the inflatable should not be used in high winds or wet conditions and should be switched off. After rain showers, any wetness, including bubbling (which is normal) can be dried with the aid of a towel.
In the part that the blower stops working, ensure ALL users exit the inflatable immediately. Make sure the blower tube has not come loose, the deflation zip is still closed and that nothing is obstructing the blower. Failing all this, please contact us for possible further assistance.
Keep anyone away from the electrical equipments include the wire, plug, and motor, fan.
Do not allow any person to interfere, adjust or repair any electrical item, even if qualified to do so. Failure to do so may result in additional cost for the replacement or repair of damaged parts.

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